some_text avalon made these things
lil portrait of lil brother. luv.
watercolor plein air sketchy at sunset!
back!! no more hiatus!! a lil turtly as a welcome-home present for a friend who’s been abroad with some turtles. gouache on a lil piece of illustration board!
spook! derwent pencils on wood
buggzzzz from entomology day! drawin stuff in ink and white gel pens/painted over w gouache
arboretum chiiiilin
arboretum chiiiilin
a sketch of my nanu in oil pastels. I literally haven’t touched this medium since I was like 8 years old, I think I might make these my new thing for a while.
my light&color teacher is a v cool gentleman
Q: your stuff is so much fun to look at! I'd like to ask you what kind of sketchbook you keep and when do you use it?

haha thank you!! i keep a couple actually, i have a crescent rendr sketchbook that it’s taken me almost a year to fill because i only use it with wet mediums so i can take advantage of the super-thick pages, but then i also keep a softcover moleskine for pencil and ballpoint sketches, which i use more often and fill up much more quickly! i sometimes keep a third pocket sized moleskine too, for times when i have to forego my backpack for a purse!

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