some_text avalon made these things
back into the custom sneaker game with these handpainted babies for a good friend of mine. i’ll paint WHATEVER YOU WANT on a pair of any canvas shoes, or  phone case/ipad case/laptop case/camera bag/backpack/ALMOST ANYTHING for a nominal fee!
lol produce and cat and king krule
some acryla gouache nooOOONSENSE
lil brother 6 hour study today
a sketch of ma cousin! some oil in this cool sketchbook of little canvas panels so that was nice?? heh
doodling things, poster illustration for a good friend w a brush pen!
lil portrait of lil brother. luv.
watercolor plein air sketchy at sunset!
back!! no more hiatus!! a lil turtly as a welcome-home present for a friend who’s been abroad with some turtles. gouache on a lil piece of illustration board!